COVID-19 has triggered widespread changes across the country – and the housing market is no exception.

Property sales have rocketed, which has been good news for those looking to sell.

Interestingly, the pandemic has also created some paradoxes in the market.

Rural regions have seen a massive spike in sales, as homeowners looked to escape to the country following the consecutive lockdowns.

A recent survey also concluded that people prioritise bigger gardens and proximity to green spaces more than they once did.

Broadband and mobile connectivity have also become more important as many workers go remote, either from choice or necessity.

Additionally, this home-based work trend has seen buyers prioritising transport links less – though this attitude may reverse as society slowly returns to normal.

Pandemic-induced lifestyle changes could affect the saleability of your property.

Luckily, just knowing what buyers are looking for can help you showcase the most appealing aspects of your home.

Since home hunters are increasingly browsing online and relying on virtual viewings, forward-thinking agencies like us have been busy adapting our marketing strategies to attract the right buyers.


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